Aikido is love. It is the path that brings our heart
into oneness with the spirit of the universe to
complete our mission in life by instilling in us a
love and reverence for all of nature.

- Morihei Ueshiba Sensei

Chief Instructor, 3rd Dan Aikido

Terry Schroeder, MA

I have trained in the martial arts starting in my early 20’s. Initially I trained with Sensei Jerry Ferguson, in Karate at the Washington Karate Association. It was at that time I met Sensei John White. The training with Sensei Ferguson was very valuable, but in Sensei White, I was introduced to the power of ki. Eventually my journey led me to my primary teacher Sensei Walther Von Krenner Sensei, who resided in Kalispell Montana. I trained with Von Krenner Sensei, 8th dan, for over 12 years earning my 3rd Dan in Aikido, 2002. It was also during this time period I was introduced to Sensei Russel McCartney Sensei, of Isshi Yama Ryu Battoho jujitsu, a traditional Japanese sword school. I continue to train with Sensei McCartney in Seattle when I have the chance to do so.

Throughout these 35 years of training and teaching Aikido, this art has been a source of learning and development that has protected me and guided me in the profession of crisis intervention. Currently I work for the Oregon Health Authority as a Civil Commitment Coordinator. Part of my role in this position is to teach and train and certify the Investigators and Examiners across the state.

Assistant Instructor, 1st Dan Aikido, Bend dojo

Matthew James Torney

Matthew is a husband, father and community leader who owns a construction company in Bend called Earth and Sky Construction. Matthew studied for 3 years in Brazilian Jujitsu and also for 15 years in Aikido and Aikijuitsu with friend and teacher Sensei Shannon Reitan. Matthew is a proponent of meditation, of observing and respecting nature and strives to be present in all that he does, whether it be a construction project or just a conversation.

Instructor Tai Chi, Bend dojo

David Chen

“Tai Chi principles are not limited to the classroom- they are in every step and every breath”.

Welcome to a new Tai Chi offering in Bend. Depending on the teacher, this ancient martial art can be expressed through a variety of forms and points of emphasis. Here, we focus on ‘moving meditation’ with breath awareness, intentional posture, relaxation of mind and body, balance, and total-body coordination. As yin and yang balance our entire existence. Tai Chi embodies two interconnected aspects: rooted strength and flowing emptiness. The class foundation is Cheng Man-ch’ings’Yang style short form plus elements of Qigong, meditation and ‘power postures’.

David “Owl” Chen has practiced for over 10 years, beginning with an apprenticeship under Dr. Brice Wilkinson in Winona MN. He also trained intensely in China with old ladies in the park.

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David works as a manager of Parks and Recreation in Bend OR.
Both Matthew and David are avid hockey players.